Worth reading and sharing: Conservatives have to start fighting back in the culture war

By Brian Lilley, Sept 6, 2012: For the past week I’ve been talking a lot about the economy.

Covering the Republican convention last week and the Democratic convention this week I’ve talked about how the economy is THE issue, the big issue.

In our coverage of the Quebec election I talked about how the economy was the issue that Quebec’s leaders avoided despite that province lagging when it should be leading.

For conservative minded people it is almost always about the economy. Some parts of the conservative movement want it only to be about the economy and when election time comes they want people like me to shut up about all the cultural issues.

Abortion. Don’t mention it.


A radical school curriculum teaching our kids things most parents don’t want to know about. Don’t mention that.

Global warming. Don’t mention it.

They really do want the only conversation to be about the economy. Even during the times between election we’re told not to worry about any other issue. Don’t push it.

How does that work out for you? Does the other side ever stop pushing their issues?


Which means if our side shuts up then they win every time through sheer persistence. As I’ve said before, one day we will wake up and your kid’s math tests will ask the following question, “Khalid, a transgendered boy who was bullied for his gender fluidity wants to buy sun dresses for himself and his mother. Given that they are imported from a coal burning region of the USA, how much should the carbon tax on the dresses be?”

Think I’m crazy? Keep reading this excellent article on Brian Lilley’s blog.

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