The UN’s Farcical Approach to Human Rights

The clash of worldviews is evident yet again in the juxtaposition of two meetings on human rights in Geneva. We see the joke that the United Nations has become with their Human Rights Council (UNHRC). If this global bureaucratic behemoth continues to lumber in the direction it is going, it could spell disaster for itself – how long will right-minded folks in free and democratic countries permit this kind of a lark to run on with their consent and funding? Tom Gross writes a great critique for National Post:

March 16, 2012 Tom Gross, (National Post) GENEVA — I have spent the past few days in Geneva with some of the most remarkably brave people one is ever likely to meet. All have suffered horrendously for calling for freedoms in their countries — the kind of freedoms that people elsewhere take for granted.

But none of them were invited to Geneva by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the UN’s most prominent body that is supposed to deal with human rights, which is meeting here in annual session.

This is the organization behind the infamous and now discredited “Goldstone report” on Gaza. This is the organization that in 2009 praised Sri Lanka’s human rights record shortly after that country’s military had killed 40,000 Tamil civilians. Keep Reading

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