The Fundamental Human Right to Wear Hiking Boots Anywhere

It seems that the Human Rights Tribunal in B.C. feels that a ban on wearing hiking boots in a gym is an insult to personal dignity worth $1,900 in damages against any gym that would dare to enforce such a rule. 1. 2. very clear guidelines were already established before this patron became a patron which stated that those who use the gym must abide by the dress code of the gym, and if you don’t like it, they should take their business elsewhere;

Never mind the following three facts in this story:

the hiking boots were only necessary for one particular exercise (lunges) which could be accomplished without any gym equipment whatsoever and could be performed anywhere else in the city (including in the parking lot, at home, on the sidewalk – wherever!);

3. connected with fact 1 and 2 above, there were already other gyms in the city, according to this rather sensitive claimant’s own testimony, that did allow him to wear hiking boots there!

So, what precedent is set here? That even though this man could have done any other exercise in the gym without hiking boots, that he could have taken his business elsewhere, or that he could have completed his lunges outside on the parking lot, that despite all of this, the government-funded Tribunal deems this infringement of rights such an injustice that they schedule to hear the case, take the time to write a ruling, employ numerous staff on the public dime and finish it off with a fine to the gym $1,900 for injury to dignity. The word “desperate” comes to mind – searching hard to stay relevant. This is what B.C. taxpayers are funding these days; a great use of tax dollars, these dignity protectors! 

Marni Soupcoff comments here.

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