“Canada’s past was pro-life. Canada’s present is pro-choice. Canada’s future is up to us.” Pro-life group launches speaking tour for Canada’s 150th birthday

There’s a national education tour coming up this summer on pro-life apologetics. It’s put together by the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. The Centre’s Jonathon Van Maren says there are about a dozen stops planned for Ontario and Alberta between now and mid-August. He says the tour will include training in pro-life apologetics and strategy, but essentially the over-riding theme of all of the stops will focus on Canada’s 150th birthday. He says pro-lifers have two legacies to choose from: “Canada’s past was pro-life, and Canada’s present is pro-choice. But what its future is, is sort of up to us.”

You can check out the full itinerary for the tour here.

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